Mon. Dec 17th, 2018

World Blood Donor Day

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Globally, June 14 is observed as the World Blood Donor Day. Bhutan joins the global community on this special day, with the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the World Health Organization and Bank of Bhutan, spearheading the advocacy and awareness activities.

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This year the theme of the day was “Blood connects us all”. It highlighted the success stories of patients whose lives have been saved, thanks to our blood donors who made it happen. It also focused on ‘sharing’, ‘giving’ and ‘connecting’ with each other through this precious “Gift of Life”. The significance of observing World Blood Donor Day was to appreciate and encourage voluntary blood donors.Bhutan, thus, commits to reach 100% voluntary blood donation. Currently, Bhutan has reached 74 % voluntary blood donation. Therefore, more voluntary donors are encouraged to come forward to donate their precious gift of life to the patients in need of it. Your five minutes time will save a life.


This is the message to the blood donors and donor organizations by the patients who have received your blood “Your Blood Saved My life. Share Life, Give Blood


In order to celebrate 14th June 2016, Ministry of Health in collaboration with BoB and WHO had organized a blood donation event in the following venues from 9am-3pm

  1. Bank of Bhutan, Thimphu
  2. KanglungShedra, Tashigang
  3. Daganna BHU I
  4. Phuentsholing

In addition to the blood donation event, the certificates of appreciation were given to the regular donors, donor motivators and donor organization who had donated more than 25 times. Also two books were launched on the same day. Following are the name of the books:

  1. Blood and Blood Products Regulation of Bhutan 2016
  2. National Guidelines on Blood Donor Assessment and Selection Procedures