Sat. Sep 21st, 2019

HIS EoI Demo and Schedule

The Ministry of Health would like to acknowledge and thank all the bidders for submitting EoI for ePIS (HIS) Project in Bhutan.

As specified in the TOR of the ePIS EoI, the main objective of the demo is to carry out interfacing between ePIS (HIS) and medical devices. Since Paro Hospital is a public service orientated center, demo is scheduled after 3:00 PM (Bhutan Standard Time) to avoid service disruption.

Please find the schedule endorsed by the Technical Working Committee of the Project and you are to comply with the following:

  1. The demo will be in Paro Hospital (same district as airport) and firms are to visit as per the schedule. The hospital management will not entertain outsider before time since they will be engaged in providing day to day medical services.

  2. The demo will consist of panelist in a conference room where the firm’s proposed ePIS (HIS) will communicate with PACS & LIS of radio and lab (ultrasound and blood analyser ) and should have from three different rooms over LAN.

  3. The firms should inform MoH beforehand on the number of team members through email. But note that only a maximum of four members from each firm will be allowed in the demo place.

  4. The firms should report 30 Minutes prior to the start of the demo in the conference hall, and ensure that systems and connectivity are in place. All the demo should be completed within the time provided and no time extension will be provided under any circumstances. Please make sure you register your attendance on the form provided on your arrival.

  5. No API information will be provided for any medical devices hardware/firmware in the hospital that participating firms are required to interface with your ePIS (HIS) software. The list of hardware is attached. Our medical devices do not have any software such as LIS or PACS for the demo.

  6. Participating firms are required to host your solution on your laptop (locally) to avoid issues over the net since connectivity in Bhutan is not so reliable.

  7. Firms failing to complete the demo shall be deemed null and void thereafter and will not be required to come for next round (presentation).

  8. Should any firms intent not to participate in the demo, you are requested to inform us in advance. In the case, the schedule will cascade upward automatically and all participating firms are to be prepared for it.

  9. In case of any queries, contact our team over email or phone. We advise you to contact us through email as we might not answer the phone when we are engaged.

  10. The decision of the panelist will be final and binding.


  1. Group email:
  2. Trashi, ICT Officer: 17684683
  3. Tashi, ICT Personal: 17634410

Attached are demo schedule, list of equipment for integration and location on google map (

EoI Demo and Schedule