Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020

Air Ticket Quotation

Sealed rates are invited from authorized travel agents for air ticket for the following sector: 

Class : Economy Class (1 Pax)
Bangkok- Paro
22nd January,2019
23rd January,2019
2nd February,2019
3rd February,2019
Type of Airlines
Mention the Airline name and itinerary clearly.
1.The above quotation should be submitted on 16th January, 2019 on or before 11:30 AM to Air Ticketing Unit, AFD, and MoH. It will be opened at 12:30PM on the same day.

2.The quotation received after the deadline of submission shall be rejected as received late.

3.The Bidder (s) shall enclose copy of the valid trade license along with its bid.

4.Conditional quotations entailing an increase of fares or change of airlines at the time of travel and the like shall not be accepted.

5.Bidders should always provide quotes for the most direct and shortest route for full fare on “Economy” with confirmed seats only.

6.Cancellation and rebooking charges per ticket maybe specifically mentioned, wherever applicable.

7.The travel agent (s) is required to quote as per the sectors mentioned above and in the reliable Airlines.

8.Please do not quote for the Budgeted airlines.

9.Any rescheduling and cancellation happening out of emergencies must be accomodated without charges of intimated within 72 hours perior to flight schedule.

10.The procuring agency reserves the right to award sector wise whoever found cheaper besides route and schedule conveniences.

11.Bids shall be rejected or bidders shall de-barred from participating in the bidding process if they are found involved in any form of corruption or in collusion with client.

12.All rates should be mentioned in our local currency and should be inclusive of all incidental charges of Air service agents (Druk Air or Bhutan Airlines)


(Tenzin Chophel)