Fri. Feb 21st, 2020

Announcement for Long Term Training (for 2018-2019)

The Ministry of Health would like to announce the following Long-term Training for In-service candidates as per the decision of the 3rd HRC of the Ministry of Health. 

Sl . No. Field of Study Eligible Applicants Slots Venue

Master Program

1 Anaesthesiology GDMO/MO 2 KGUMSB
2 General Surgery GDMO/MO 2 KGUMSB
3 Gynaecology GDMO/MO 2 KGUMSB
4 Internal Medicine GDMO/MO 2 KGUMSB
5 Pediatrician GDMO/MO 2 KGUMSB
6 Emergency Medicine GDMO/MO 2 KGUMSB
7 Orthopedic Surgery GDMO/MO 2 KGUMSB
8 Dermatology GDMO/MO 1 KGUMSB
9 General Practitioner GDMO/MO 2 KGUMSB
  Dermatology GDMO/MO 1  
10 Master in Physiotherapy (Orthopedic) Physiotherapist 1  
11 Master in Palliative Nursing Clinical Nurse 1  
12 Master in Oncology Nursing Clinical Nurse 1  
  Total   21  
  Sub specialization/Fellowship      
1 Onco-surgery General Surgeon 1  
2 Reconstructive surgery General Surgeon 1  
3 Joint replacement surgery Orthopedic Surgeon 1  
4 Gyne Onco surgery Gynaecologist 1  
5 Interventional Cardiology Cardiologist 1  
6 Gyne Maternal and Foetal Medicine Gynaecologist 1  
7 Intensivist Medical specialist 1  
8 Neonatology Pediatrician 1  
9 Retina specialist Ophthalmologist 1  
10 Medical Oncology Medical specialist 1  
11 Medical Physicist Radio technologist 1  
12 Endocrinology Medical specialist 1  
13 Neurology Medical specialist 1  
  Total   13  


Selection of candidates for Residency Training at KGUMSB will be based on:

  • 30% as per BCSR 2012
  • 70% as per Regulation of KGUMSB

As per clause 9.7.3 of the BCSR 2018:

A candidate should:

  • Be a Bhutanese citizen;
  • Have completed the probation period as of 30th June 2018; and
  • Be 45 years of age or below at time of commencement of the training.

Nomination of the candidates must be routed through the HRCs’ of the concerned Dzongkhag/Hospital Administration and applications should reach HR Division, Ministry of Health on or before 6th March 2018 with the following documents:

  1. Copy of Certificates and Transcripts for Bachelor’s degree and Class XII;
  2. Performance Evaluation Forms of recent two consecutive years;
  3. Photocopy of valid Citizenship ID Card;
  4. Updated Curriculum Vitae (including number of years served in each health center; and past training availed: in-country as well as ex-country);
  5. Copy of Security Clearance Certificate (Submit after selection);
  6. Copy of Audit Clearance Certificate (Submit after selection);
  7. Copy of Medical Fitness Certificate (Submit after Selection); and
  8. In-Service Training Nomination Form (Submit after Selection).

As per clause 9.7.4 of the BSCR 2018, a candidate shall not be eligible when:

  1. Discontinued a training program to which previously nominated for reasons within the control;
  1. Not completed training gap requirement after availing training as specified in Schedule 9/A;
  1. Availed a maximum of three in-service long-term trainings in the entire service period;
  2. On EoL, Maternity Leave, Medical Escort Leave, Medical Leave;
  3. On Secondment; and
  4. On contract Service.

Please note that the Ministry will not entertain:

  • Incomplete and late submission of documents.
  • Faxed or email documents.

For further inquiries, please contact HRO at 02-337288 or extension at 330 during office hours.


Human Resource Division