Announcement for Long Term Training (for 2018-2019)

The Ministry of Health would like to announce the following Long-term Training for In-service candidates as per the decision of the 3rd HRC of the Ministry of Health. 

Sl . No.Field of StudyEligible ApplicantsSlotsVenue

Master Program

2General SurgeryGDMO/MO2KGUMSB
4Internal MedicineGDMO/MO2KGUMSB
6Emergency MedicineGDMO/MO2KGUMSB
7Orthopedic SurgeryGDMO/MO2KGUMSB
9General PractitionerGDMO/MO2KGUMSB
10Master in Physiotherapy (Orthopedic)Physiotherapist1 
11Master in Palliative NursingClinical Nurse1 
12Master in Oncology NursingClinical Nurse1 
 Total 21 
 Sub specialization/Fellowship   
1Onco-surgeryGeneral Surgeon1 
2Reconstructive surgeryGeneral Surgeon1 
3Joint replacement surgeryOrthopedic Surgeon1 
4Gyne Onco surgeryGynaecologist1 
5Interventional CardiologyCardiologist1 
6Gyne Maternal and Foetal MedicineGynaecologist1 
7IntensivistMedical specialist1 
9Retina specialistOphthalmologist1 
10Medical OncologyMedical specialist1 
11Medical PhysicistRadio technologist1 
12EndocrinologyMedical specialist1 
13NeurologyMedical specialist1 
 Total 13 


Selection of candidates for Residency Training at KGUMSB will be based on:

  • 30% as per BCSR 2012
  • 70% as per Regulation of KGUMSB

As per clause 9.7.3 of the BCSR 2018:

A candidate should:

  • Be a Bhutanese citizen;
  • Have completed the probation period as of 30th June 2018; and
  • Be 45 years of age or below at time of commencement of the training.

Nomination of the candidates must be routed through the HRCs’ of the concerned Dzongkhag/Hospital Administration and applications should reach HR Division, Ministry of Health on or before 6th March 2018 with the following documents:

  1. Copy of Certificates and Transcripts for Bachelor’s degree and Class XII;
  2. Performance Evaluation Forms of recent two consecutive years;
  3. Photocopy of valid Citizenship ID Card;
  4. Updated Curriculum Vitae (including number of years served in each health center; and past training availed: in-country as well as ex-country);
  5. Copy of Security Clearance Certificate (Submit after selection);
  6. Copy of Audit Clearance Certificate (Submit after selection);
  7. Copy of Medical Fitness Certificate (Submit after Selection); and
  8. In-Service Training Nomination Form (Submit after Selection).

As per clause 9.7.4 of the BSCR 2018, a candidate shall not be eligible when:

  1. Discontinued a training program to which previously nominated for reasons within the control;
  1. Not completed training gap requirement after availing training as specified in Schedule 9/A;
  1. Availed a maximum of three in-service long-term trainings in the entire service period;
  2. On EoL, Maternity Leave, Medical Escort Leave, Medical Leave;
  3. On Secondment; and
  4. On contract Service.

Please note that the Ministry will not entertain:

  • Incomplete and late submission of documents.
  • Faxed or email documents.

For further inquiries, please contact HRO at 02-337288 or extension at 330 during office hours.


Human Resource Division