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CALL FOR APPLICATIONS for Workshop on Operational Research in Health-2016

(Closing date for applications is 25th August 2016)
As per the approved note sheet No. HR&EU/06/2016-17 dated 22nd July 2016, Health Research and Epidemiology Unit (HREU) under the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Khesar Gyelpo University of Medical Sciences of Bhutan (KGUMSB) will be conducting ‘Workshop on Operational Research in Health-2016” with financial support from WHO. The training will use SORT-IT (Structured Operational Research and Training Initiative) model of operational research capacity building of The International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease and MSF.

The workshop will be conducted with financial support from the World Health Organization. A total of 12 candidates will be selected and the organizer (HREU and KGUMSB) will bear the DSA/TA for all 12 successful applicants. Few selected studies on the priority health research topics may be given small grants. The following documents are attached:

1. Workshop Brief – which gives an overview of the workshop and its purpose including who is eligible to apply

2. Application forms – to be filled out by the candidate and which will be used by the selections committee.

Please note that a number of supporting documents need to be submitted along with the application without which the application will be automatically rejected.

The closing date for applications is 25 th August 2016. Completed applications are to be sent to Head Health Research and Epidemiology Unit Ministry of Health


Tel: 02 322602 ext 333 | Mobile:17920280

E-mail: msgurung@health.gov.bt

Mr Mongal Singh Gurung may also be contacted for any clarifications.