Wed. Jan 29th, 2020

DMS Staff

We are making some new changes ! 

*** For inclusion, deletion and any other changes, please notify the respective Dept/Div/Unit/individual for update. Updated form should be submitted to ICT Unit.
Name Designation Ext Mail Add.
Department of Medical Services
Mr.Sherab Tenzin Messenger 208
Ms.Yeshi Tshomo Adm Asst. 205 yeshichodenHCDD(at)
I – Health Care and Diagonostic Division
Mr.Tandin Dorji Chief Program Officer 227 tandindorji(at)
Mr.Jamtsho Dy. Chief Program Officer – Emergency Medical Service Division 212 jamtsho(at)
Ms.Pemba Yangchen Sr. Program Officer
Diabetes Care Service Program
330 pyangchen7(at)
Ms.Pem Zam Dy. Chief Program Officer – Infection Control and Waste Management 207 pzam(at)
Mr.Tashi Phuntsho Sr. Program Officer – Geriatic 205 taship(at)
Mr.Som Bdr. Darjee Sr. Program Officer – Medical Supply and Quantification 205 sbdarjee(at)
Mr.Sonam Wangda Sr. Laboratory Officer – Diagnostic Services and Blood Safety 205 swangda(at)
Ms.Sonam Peldon Sr.Program Officer – Oral and Eye 239 speldon(at)
Ms.Karma Doma [EOL] Dy. Chief Program Officer – Program Coordination 332 kdoma(at)
Mr.Karma Tenzin Asst. Program Officer – District Health Services 205 ktenzin(at)
Ms.Pema Yangzom Program Officer 207 pyangzom(at)
Mr. Karma Jurmi Program Officer 207 kjurmi(at)
III – Emergency Medical Service Division
Ms.Khina Maya Mora Dy. Chief Program Officer – DPR 244 kmohora(at)
Mr.Tshewang Dorji Dy. Chief Communication Officer 193 tshewangcom(at)
Mr.Wangchuk Dukpa Sr.Program Officer – LSRD 332 wdukpa(at)
Ms.Jamyang Choden Program Officer 193 jchoden(at)
Ms.Yangdon Program Officer 193 yangdon(at)
Mr.Sangay Wangdi Asst. Program Officer 193 sangayw(at)
Mr.Ugyen Tshering Program Officer 205 utshering(at)
IV – Essential Medicines and Technology Division
Mr.Dechen Choiphel Chief Program Officer 216 dchoiphel(at)
Ms.Ugyen Zangmo Dy. Chief Program Officer – RH 240 uzangmo(at)
Ms.Deepika Adhikari Program Officer 339 dadhikari(at)
Mr.Pempa Program Officer NA pemapempa(at)
Ms.Yeshi Peldon Administrative Asst. 339 yeshipeldon(at)