All people living in Bhutan attain optimal health and development through adequate nutrition


To ensure physical and mental development through adequate nutrition, prevent disability or premature death from diet-related chronic diseases, and ensure the progression of Bhutanese population from healthy childhood to productive adulthood, and further into old age


  • To reduce the level of stunting in children under 5 from 33.5 to < 30% (SKRA -KPI)
  • To reduce underweight from 12.7% to 5%
  • To increase Exclusive Breast Feeding from 48.7 to 50%
  • To reduce anemia in children from 81% to < than 60%
  • To strengthen community based nutrition initiatives

Program mandates and core functions:

  1. To prevent macronutrient deficiency:
    • Dietary diversification
    • Child feeding and care practices
    • Growth Monitoring
    • Nutrition Rehabilitation


  1. To prevent micronutrient deficiency:
  • Iron deficiency Anemia control program
  • Iodine deficiency disorder control program
  • Vitamin A deficiency control program
  • Other vitamin supplementation

Contact points

  1. LaigdenDzed, Sr. PO, Nutrition Program
  1. KinleyWangmo, PO, Nutrition Program