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NameDesignationExtMail Add.
Department of Public Health
Dr. Karma LhazeenDirectorklhazeen(at)
Ms.Tashi ChodenPA to Director238tchoden(at)
Mr. Sherab TenzinMessanger238
I – Non-Communicable Disease Division
Mr.Kinga JamphelChief Program Officer339kjamphel(at)
Mr.Tashi Duba[SL]Program Officer – Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Program244tduba(at)
Mrs. Roma KarkiProgram Officer – Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Program244rkarki(at)
Mrs. Nim DemProgram Officer – VHW332NA
Mr.Laigden DzedSr.Program Officer – Nutrition330ldzed(at)
Ms.Kinley WangmoAsst. Program Officer- Nutrition239kinleywangmo(at)
Mr.Yeshey WangdiDy. Chief Program Officer – Sucide Prev. Program207ywangdi(at)
Mr.Mindu DorjiDy. Chief Program Officer, Mental Health Program217mdorji(at)
Mr.Dil Kumar SubbaAsst. Program Officer – Mental Health243dksubba(at)
Ms.Tashi TshomoAsst. Program Officer – RH240tashitshomo(at)
Mr.Ugyen DendupProgram Officer – LSRD243udendup(at)
Mr.Pema LethroProgram Officer – RH240plethro(at)
Mr.Lobzang TsheringProgram Officer – RH240ltshering(at)
II – Communicable Disease Division
Chief Programe Officer245
Mr.Chewang RinzinDy. Program Officer – TB226crinzin(at)
Mr.Tshewang Dorji TamangSr. Program Officer – VPDP316ttamang(at)
Mr.Karma WangdiSr.Program Officer – Occupational health244kwangdi(at)
Mr.Kencho WangdiProgram Officer – IHR226kenchowangdi(at)
Mr.Chador WangdiProgram Officer – NACP205chador(at)
Mr.Phurpa TenzinAsst. Program Officer – NTCP127ptenzin(at)
Mr.Sangay PhuntshoAsst. Program Officer – VPDP316sangayphuntsho(at)
Mr.Lekey KhanduAsst. Program Officer – NACP226lkhandu(at)
Mr.Tashi Dendup [SL]Asst. Program Officer – NTCP226tdendup(at)
Mr.Dorji KhanduAsst. Program Officer – NLCP226dkhandu(at)
Mr.Rinzin Kinga JamtshoAsst. Program Officer244rkjamtsho(at)
Mr.Pema WangdiAdministrative Asst320pemawangdi(at)
Mr.Phub ZangmoAdministrative Asst – NACP226phubzangmo(at)
Mr.KezangAdministrative Asst. – CDD226kelzang(at)
Mr.Kunzang WangmoAdministrative Asst. – EPI/VPDP316
Ms.Karma DorjiDispatcher238dendupkarma(at)
III – Health Promotion Division
Mr.Dorji PhubDy. Chief Information and Media Officer315dphub(at)
Mr.Tshering GyeltshenCommunication Officer319tgyeltshen(at)
Ms.Thinley Zangmothinleyzangmo(at)
Mr.Ugyen NorbuAsst. Information & Media Officer320NA
Mr.Tashi TsheringAsstt. Information and Media Officer319ttshering(at)
Mr.Suk Bdr. RaiSr.Communication TechnicianNA
Mr.NimaSr. Communication Technician192nima(at)
Mr.Sangay ThinleyAsst.Program officer319sthinley(at)
Mr.Tshering DorjiAdministrative Assistant320tshering_dorji(at)
IV – Public Health Engineering Division
Mr.Rinchen WangdiChief Engineer234rwangdi(at)
Mr.KarmaExecutive Engineer231karma(at)
Mr.Ugyen ThinleyExecutive Engineer231uthinley(at)
Mr.Nar Bir YonzanExecutive Engineer231nbyonzan(at)
Ms.Yeshay LhadenEngineer230ylhaden(at)
Ms.Sonam PelzomEngineer228spelzom(at)
Ms.Kunzang DekiAsst. Architect228kundeki2010(at)
Ms.YangkiAsst. Engineer228yangkiphed(at)
Ms.Karma ChodenAsst. Architect231kchoden_dorji(at)
Ms.Rada DukpaAsst. Program Officer230rdukpa(at)
Ms.Pema LhamoAdministrative Assistant229p_lhamo(at)
V Public Health Laboratory
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