Mon. Dec 17th, 2018

DoPH Staff

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Name Designation Ext Mail Add.
Department of Public Health
Dr. Karma Lhazeen Director  235 klhazeen(at)
Ms.Tashi Choden PA to Director 238 tchoden(at)
Dechen Yangzom Messanger 238
I – Non-Communicable Disease Division
Mr.Wangdi Gyeltshen Chief Program Officer 217 wgyeltshen(at)
Mrs. Pemba Yangchen Dy. Chief Program Officer 312 pyangchen(at)
Mrs. Roma Karki Program Officer 226 rkarki(at)
Mrs. Nim Dem Program Officer – VHW 225 ndem(at)
Mr.Laigden Dzed Sr.Program Officer – Nutrition 224 ldzed(at)
Ms.Kinley Wangmo Asst. Program Officer- Nutrition 224 kinleywangmo(at)
Mr.Yeshey Wangdi Dy. Chief Program Officer – Sucide Prev. Program 320 ywangdi(at)
Mr.Mindu Dorji Dy. Chief Program Officer, Mental Health Program 226 mdorji(at)
Mr.Dil Kumar Subba Asst. Program Officer – Mental Health 226 dksubba(at)
Ms.Tashi Tshomo Asst. Program Officer – RH 223 tashitshomo(at)
Mr.Ugyen Dendup Sr.Program Officer 320 udendup(at)
Mr.Pema Lethro Program Officer – RH 223 plethro(at)
Mrs. Chimmi Dem Program Officer 228 cdem(at)
Mr.Lodray Zangpo Program Officer 224 lzangpo(at)
Mrs. Tshewang Lhaden Program Officer 312 tshewangl(at)
II – Communicable Disease Division
Mr. Rinxin Jamtsho Chief Program Officer 227
Mr.Chakchu Tshering Dy. Chief Program Officer 313 ctshering(at)
Mr.Chewang Rinzin Dy.Chief  Program Officer – TB 216 crinzin(at)
Mr.Tshewang Dorji Tamang Sr. Program Officer – VPDP 325 ttamang(at)
Mr.Tshedar Sr. Program Officer 313 tshedar(at)
Mr.Phurpa Tenzin Asst. Program Officer – NTCP 215 ptenzin(at)
Mr.Sangay Phuntsho Asst. Program Officer – VPDP 325 sangayphuntsho(at)
Mr.Lekey Khandu Asst. Program Officer – NACP 214 lkhandu(at)
Mrs. Jamyang Pema Asst. Program Officer 216
Mr.Dorji Khandu Asst. Program Officer – NLCP 215 dkhandu(at)
Mr.Rinzin Kinga Jamtsho Program Officer 216 rkjamtsho(at)
Mr.Jigme Thinley  Asst. Program Officer 114
Mrs. Yagchen Dolkar  Asst. Program Officer 214  ydolkar(at)
Mrs.Phub Zangmo Administrative Asst. 225 phubz(at)
Mrs.Kunzang Wangmo Administrative Asst. – EPI/VPDP 325
Mr.Tshewang Rinzin Program Asst. 114
III – Health Promotion Division
Mr.Dorji Phub Dy. Chief Information and Media Officer 326 dphub(at)
Ms.Thinley Zangmo  Sr. Program Officer  323 tzangmo(at)
Mr. Sonam Wangchuk  Sr. Program Officer  321 sonamw(at)
Mr.Tshering Gyeltshen Communication Officer 323 tgyeltshen(at)
Mr.Ugyen Norbu Information & Media Officer 321 ugyenn(at)
Mr.Tashi Tshering Information and Media Officer 324 ttshering(at)
Mr.Sangay Thinley Asst.Program officer 324 sthinley(at)
Mr.Suk Bdr. Rai Sr.Communication Technician  407 sbrai(at)
Mr.Nima Sr. Communication Technician 505 nima(at)
IV – Public Health Engineering Division
Mr.Rinchen Wangdi Chief Engineer 222 rwangdi(at)
Mr.Karma Executive Engineer 221 karma(at)
Mr.Ugyen Thinley Executive Engineer 220 uthinley(at)
Mr.Nar Bir Yonzan Executive Engineer 219 nbyonzan(at)
Mr.Karma Wangdi Dy. Chief Program Officer 220 kwangdi(at)
Ms.Yeshay Lhaden Engineer 221 ylhaden(at)
Mr.Chador Wangdi Program Officer – NACP 220 chador(at)
Ms.Sonam Pelzom Engineer 218 spelzom(at)
Ms.Kunzang Deki Asst. Architect 218 kdeki(at)
Ms.Yangki Asst. Engineer 219 yangki(at)
Ms.Karma Choden Asst. Architect 218 karmac(at)
Ms.Rada Dukpa Asst. Program Officer 218 rdukpa(at)
V  Royal Centre for Disease Control
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