Tue. Jan 28th, 2020

Menstrual Hygiene Bhutan

Some organisations had started the conversation on menstruation long time ago! One such organisation is Ministry of Health MoH! They have been advocating and spreading awareness not just about menstruation, but even about menopause! Just like women go through many changes and sometimes mood swings during and before their periods, even during menopause, some women suffer from depression and other psychological problems. JDWNRH now has facilities to cater to such problem. Many such issues were discussed and one thing is sure, MoH cares and has solutions, one just needs to ask for help.
Our conversation further with Honourable Health Minister Lyonpo Tandin Wangchuk was interesting and endearing, as he shared his experience of raising three boys. Education begins at home! Lyonpo and his wife, have not only been open about menstruation with their sons, but have time and again emphasized on teaching them to respect girls!
We may talk about big things and big changes, but it’s stories like these and the humane in it, that holds the learning. Thank you Lyonpo and the members of MoH for educating us further on the cause and for being oh, so candid!


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