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MoH Vacancy Announcement
Selection Interview Result for Various positions [Posted on:17-10-2014 14:25:06]

Prosthodontist - Vacancy re-announcement [Posted on:16-10-2014 09:57:13]

Result of Program Officer, Suicide Prevention Program, DoPH [Posted on:09-10-2014 15:01:05]

Result of Chief Positions [Posted on:08-10-2014 14:40:49]

Prosthodontist [Posted on:02-10-2014 15:02:08]

Short listing & interview date for the Contract Engineers and Technician for HIDD [Posted on:15-09-2014 16:11:30]

Announcement for the post of Sr. Program Officer (P3A) [Posted on:09-09-2014 17:57:20]

Shortlisting_for_P1_&_P4_for_web [Posted on:09-09-2014 13:13:01]

Induction Program for graduates from Faculty of Nursing & Public Health [Posted on:29-08-2014 17:26:19]

CORRIGENDUM [Posted on:27-08-2014 11:04:23]

Selection Interview Result for Staff Nurse, Health Assistant, Menpa and Technicians [Posted on:13-08-2014 14:03:17]

Project Management Training from UMSB [Posted on:01-08-2014 11:27:12]

Short-listed candidates for the various positions [Posted on:30-07-2014 17:44:01]

civil service award [Posted on:15-07-2014 12:10:18]

VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT 11-07-14 [Posted on:14-07-2014 16:32:40]

Vacancy Announcement 11-07-2014 [Posted on:11-07-2014 12:29:48]

Ayush Schoolarship 2014-15 [Posted on:03-07-2014 14:12:14]

Freezing-Recruitment-rcsc [Posted on:19-06-2014 11:43:16]

Result of Contract Civil Engineers for HIDD [Posted on:12-06-2014 13:45:15]

AN Interview date [Posted on:23-05-2014 10:22:46]

CAO - JDWNRH [Posted on:22-05-2014 17:03:45]

Selection Interview Result for various positions [Posted on:22-05-2014 11:25:49]

Short-listed candidates for the various positions [Posted on:13-05-2014 12:37:11]

Certificate of Multi Purpose Health Workers (MPHW) [Posted on:05-05-2014 12:19:30]

result for the post of Laision Officer/Health [Posted on:29-04-2014 14:34:56]

Result of the Selection Interview for Long-Term Studies held on April 18, 2014 [Posted on:21-04-2014 16:36:38]

Short-listed candidates for the post of Liaison Officer/Health [Posted on:21-04-2014 16:34:05]

Short-listed candidates for the post of Contract Civil Engineers, HIDD(Construction sites) [Posted on:21-04-2014 16:33:13]

Announcement For Long Term Courses (In-country) [Posted on:10-04-2014 16:48:49]

Additional information for Long Term Courses(in-country) [Posted on:10-04-2014 16:43:32]

shortlisted candidates for long term course [Posted on:08-04-2014 10:27:14]

announcement for long term courses [Posted on:07-04-2014 14:24:09]

Health Liaison Officer /Health [Posted on:04-04-2014 12:44:59]

Result of Chief Engineer [Posted on:01-04-2014 10:38:25]


Result for the post of Staff Nurse III with placement [Posted on:26-03-2014 09:35:47]

VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT [Posted on:19-03-2014 16:50:37]

Short-listing for the post of Staff Nurse III [Posted on:17-03-2014 12:59:58]

Change in the selection of Assistant Administrative Officer [Posted on:14-03-2014 14:35:00]

Result of the selection interview held on 7th March 2014 [Posted on:07-03-2014 16:17:31]

Ethics and Integrity Management [Posted on:06-03-2014 13:41:01]

Promotion Notification [Posted on:06-03-2014 13:38:42]

Selection interview for the various positions [Posted on:04-03-2014 11:36:00]

Short listing for the various positions [Posted on:27-02-2014 14:16:02]

Announcement for Long Term Course 2013-2014  [Posted on:18-02-2014 10:56:29]

Result for the post of Staff Nurse III [Posted on:17-02-2014 14:30:57]

Selection Interview for the Staff Nurse III [Posted on:05-02-2014 10:50:42]

RE-ANNOUNCEMENT OF VACANCY [Posted on:30-01-2014 11:08:13]

Result for the Selection Interview held on 30th May 2013 (GNM graduates from India) [Posted on:30-05-2013 16:00:32]

Vacancy Announcement for GNM graduates [Posted on:24-05-2013 16:57:41]

vacancies for Cherraan's school of Nursing [Posted on:24-05-2013 16:53:42]

Vacancy Announcement for drivers, technicians and others [Posted on:24-05-2013 16:48:53]

Result for Liaison officer and Assistant/Contract Applicants [Posted on:01-05-2013 12:49:30]

Amendment to Shortlisted Candidate for the post of Liaison Officers and Liaison Assistants [Posted on:29-04-2013 17:08:26]

Amendment to "Announcement of Long Term Courses (2012-2013) [Posted on:26-04-2013 17:30:34]

Shortlisted candidate for the post of Liaison Officers and Liaison Assistant [Posted on:26-04-2013 09:58:03]

Announcement for Long Term Courses (2012-2013) [Posted on:19-04-2013 09:16:06]

Approved courses and institutes under ITEC for 2013-2014 [Posted on:15-04-2013 13:26:42]

Indian Administrative Service (IAS) Service [Posted on:15-04-2013 09:52:07]

Announcement: Teri University Scholarship [Posted on:04-04-2013 13:51:10]

Vacancy for Liaison Officers & Liaison Assistant [Posted on:03-04-2013 10:34:48]

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