PABX Notification

Due to recent power fluctuation on 02-02-15, the PABX power supply has been burned rendering it non-functional . Since its warranty period hasn’t expired, the supplier is going to replace it with functional one as soon as possible.

Therefore, please note that the call facility won’t be available until the supplier provides us with the functional one.

Expression of Interest from Consulting Firms

The Policy and Planning Division Under Ministry of Health would like to request for Expression of Interest(EoI) from the interested National Consulting Firms to evaluate Health Help Center so that the Ministry can assess the achievements of the read more

Mobilization of excess medicines supplies

Please contact directly the concerned hospitals and mobilize the items and quantities with intimation to us. The supplies can be transported through MSD vehicle if they are on their way for distribution.Read more

Recalled products of Park Pharmaceuticals

As per the DRA’s Letter No. 14/dra/PR/2014-2015/1307 dt.29/1/2015, we have been advised not to use the following products of Park Pharmaceuticals supplied during 2013-14.Read more