Thu. Oct 18th, 2018

Short term training offer from TICA

The RCSC has received the short term training offer from the TICA through MFA for the following courses:

1. Train the Trainer: Food Safety Management: MOAF (BAFRA), MoH (Nutritionist and other relevant officials) and MOE (relevant officials looking after school Health)(recommended by RCSC)
2. Compherensive Management for Pediatric and Adolescent Living with HIV/AIDS: MoH (recommended by RCSC)
In this regard, the RCSC has informed the agency concerned to inform the interested candidates to apply for the course as per BCSR 2012 and criteria (guideline) by the donor agency (TICA).
All the documents (offer, scholarship details and course details, application form, medical form etc) are attached herewith.
The deadline for the submission of the nominations to the Royal Thai Embassy, Dhaka via MFA, Thimphu is on or before 23rd January, 2017 for the above courses. Kindly submit the duly filled application form (original), Medical form along with relevant documents (as per the offer letter) directly to the MFA, Thimphu for onward submission to Royal Thai Embassy, Dhaka. However, the RCSC would appreciate in receiving a copy of letter forwarded to MFA, Thimphu and the candidates’s documents in soft copy for future reference.

AITC Forwarding AITC Guidelines (1) AITC Schedule Comprehensive Management for Padiatric and Adolescent living with HIV AIDS Food Safety Management