Shortlisted Candidates for Long Term Training (2017-2018)

The Ministry of Health is pleased to announce the shortlisted candidates for various Long Term course:


Sl. No.NameEID. No. HospitalPosition TitleRemarks

MD Forensic Medicine

1Dr. Choni Wangmo201001130Punakha HospitalMedical OfficerShortlisted
2Dr. Ugyen Lungten20150705811Khaling BHUGDMOShortlisted

Oral Surgery

1Dr. Krishna Maya Basnet20130101259CRRH, GelephuDental SurgeonShortlisted
2Dr. Priscilla Chhetri20160106569Lhamoyzingkha BHUGDDSShortlisted
3Dr. Rinzin Phyelgye20150105140Dagapela HospitalGDDSShortlisted
4Dr. Ugyen Kelzang20160106570Phuntsholing HospitalGDDSShortlisted
5Dr. Pranesh Nepal20160106573ERRH, MongarGDDSShortlisted
6Dr. Dechen Phuntsho20150105141Wangdicholing  HospitalGDDSShortlisted
7Dr. Chimmi Yuden20160106567Baley BHUGDDSShortlisted

MD Psychiatry

1Dr. Sonam Wangchuk20160707295Yebilaptsa HospitalGDMOShortlisted
2Dr. Choten Gyaltshen20160106539Pemagatsel HospitalGDMOShortlisted

MD Radiology

1Dr. Sonam Deki20140103218JDWNRHGDMOShortlisted
2Dr. Chimmi Eden20150105124JDWNRHGDMOShortlisted
3Dr. Sonam Youden20160707311Gomtu HospitalGDMOShortlisted
4Dr. Kezang Wangdi20150705825S/Jongkhar HospitalGDMOShortlisted
5Dr. Sonam Pelmo20150105129Trashigang HospitalGDMOShortlisted
6Dr. Ngajay Jamtsho20150705823Rangjung BHU IGDMOShortlisted
7Dr. Kinley Sangay Dorji20160707294ERRH, MongarGDMOShortlisted
8Dr. Tashi Penjor20150105136CRRH, GelephuGDMOShortlisted
9Dr. Gyeltshen Wangdi20150105128Lhamoyzingkha BHU IGDMOShortlisted
10Dr. Nima Phuntsho20150705813Dagapela HospitalGDMOShortlisted

Interview/Viva voce date will be announced soon on Ministry’s website.

 Note: Following documents are required (original copy) during the time of viva-voce:

  1. Academic Mark sheets and certificates (Class XII & Bachelor’s Degree)
  2. Citizenship Identity Card
  3. Valid Medical Certificate
  4. Extracurricular Certificates/Academic Excellence or any other relevant certificates if any.


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