Wed. Jan 22nd, 2020

Submission of Individual Workplan

The Royal Civil Service Commission has reminded the Ministry of Health during the consultation meeting held on 1st May 2015 to submit “Individual Work Plan” and ‘Core Competencies’ in revised format latest by 15th May 2015.

Therefore, all civil servants under the category of Position Level S5 to P1 are asked to submit their work plan for six months (January –June 2015) aligned to output of their Divisions latest by 11th May 2015 to the following Task Force Members both in Hard Copy vetted by Division Head and email by compiling in one folder. Name of Department/Division/


Task Force Members Email ID
1 Secretariat, ERRH Mongar & Deothang & Gidakom Hospital Jayendra Sharma, PPD jsharma(@)
2 Department of Medical Service, CRRH Gelephu & Phuntsholing Hospital Tshering Dema
3 Department of Public Health, Department of Medical Supply and Health Infrastructure & Department of Traditional Medicine Service Tshering Dekar tdekar(@)

The new IWP format is uploaded here.

IWP new format