Sat. Sep 21st, 2019

Trade and Public Health Workshop

The WTO Secretariat, in close collaboration with the Secretariats of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization(WIPO), is organizing the 6th Workshop on Trade and Public Health scheduled to take place in Geneva from 11th to 15th November 2019. The Workshop aims to improve the capacity of policymakers to analyse policy choices at the intersection between trade, intellectual property(IP) and public health; to enhance the capacity to address cross-sectoral issues; and to foster smooth domestic coordination. The overall objective is to develop a comprehensive understanding of overlapping policy issues with bearing on public health and encourage the analysis of their relationship with multilateral trade agreements. The programme will focus on innovation and access to medical technologies, as well as wider trade and health-related policy issues.
The eligible candidate should possess the following qualifications and background:
1. Direct responsibility for matters relating to the interaction between trade agreements and public health, whether from authorities responsible for foreign affairs, trade, IP, Public health or other relevant government entity working on the interface between trade agreements and public health;
2. Definite expectation of continuing to work, or being assigned responsibilities, specifically in this field;
3. Established expertise and experience in this area, and a good level of knowledge about trade law and policy, including, but not limited to the WTO’s TRIPS Agreement, and Public Health policy;
4. Successful competition of online face-to-face training activities delivered by the WHO, WIPO and/or the WTO on the subjects of the workshop; and
5. All-round proficiency in English, as the above workshop will be delivered in English. For details please visit

The application process for this activity consists of the following steps:
1. Interested candidates need to duly complete and submit the online application form, which is
available at
2. The online application form requires uploading a scanned copy of the passport and of the official
nomination letter, signed and stamped by the candidate’s supervisor. A template for such a
letter to be signed and stamped by the national authority can be found on the following page.
3. The application form, including the passport and nomination letter, should be submitted via the
online application system by 14 June 2019.
4. Applications are to be validated by the Permanent Missions/Embassies to the WTO. Validations
should be addressed by fax or email to the WTO Institute for Training and Technical Cooperation
(Fax No: +41 22 739 5724; Email: by 14 June 2019.