Mon. Feb 18th, 2019

Transfer Notification

The Ministry of Health would like to notify that the Ministry will be carrying out Annual Transfer Exercise 2019 inline with Chapter 14 of BCSR 2018 with the following objective to:

  1. Reshuffle health officials who have served for 10 years plus in the same workplace;
  2. Rationalize and promote optimal utilization of the human resources;
  3. Facilitate mobility among the civil servants to best utilize their services in the interest of the government; and
  4. Avoid development of vested interests leading to probable corruption, nepotism, patronage, and favoritism due to prolonged stay in any particular place.

All the Dzongkhag Administration and Hospitals under Department of Medical Services are requested to submit the transfer proposal recommended by the HRC in the prescribed ‘Transfer Application Form’ to the Human Resource Division, Ministry of Health latest by August 31, 2018. The employees should explicitly mention five transfer options of preferred Dzongkhags/Hospitals in the Transfer Application Form failing which the Ministry shall exercise its discretion power to transfer as per the Ministry’s requirement.

However, the employees falling under the following categories shall not be eligible for transfer:

  1. Section 14.4.13 of BCSR 2018 “On initial appointment in the Civil Service, a civil servant shall not be eligible for transfer before serving a minimum of three years including probation period. For in-service candidate, the date of appointment in the new position category shall be used for calculating three years.”
  2. Section 14.4.11 of BCSR 2018 “A civil servant due for superannuation within the next one year may not be transferred.”
  3. Section 6.6.8 of BCSR 2018 “A GSP/ESP shall not be eligible for transfer.”and
  4. Section 5.6.5 of BCSR 2018 “A contract employee shall not be eligible for transfer.”

This is issued as per the approval of the 13th HRC Meeting of the Ministry held on 19th June 2018.

(Enclosed herewith the Transfer Application Form and list of officials who have served for 10 years plus in the same work place and are due for transfer for necessary action).


(Dr. Ugen Dophu)