Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

UN Global Road Safety Week – 2018

United Nations Global Road Safety Week was incepted from 2015 which falls in the month of May and Bhutan has been observing this week since its inception in close coordination among Road Safety and Transport Authority (RSTA), Traffic Police, RBP and Ministry of Health. During the Road Safety Week many events such as advocacy camps, high level advocacy, road side events, panel discussion in TV are organized with the objectives to increase knowledge on road safety measures and to improve road users’ compliance to traffic discipline.

Sl. # Description Figure Year
1 Motor vehicle accidents 726 2016
2 Deaths out of 726 105 2016
3 Increasing traffic offences 17,213




4 Registered vehicles 92,008 31 Dec 2017
5 Total License holders 120,106 31 Dec 2017
6 Human factor as cause of vehicle accidents 80% of total accidents
7 Traffic offence 59,746 2011-2016
8 Traffic offence penalties (Total) Nu. 21.041 million 2016 – 2017
9 Major Offences:

1.     Use of mobile/hand held set while driving

2.     Drunk driving





2011 – 2016

Source: RSTA, Thimphu

Observation of Road Safety Week 14 – 17 May 2018 in Bhutan

  1. The Road Safety Week is observed throughout the country led by RSTA in close collaboration with Traffic Police and Ministry of Health. Road Safety camp is mainly conducted on high ways and urban areas and one of the crucial events during the camp was signing of road safety PLEDGES with key messages by road commuters. The PLEDGES were also signed by Dasho Dzongdas in respective districts including other sector heads and Gups. The camp teams have experienced very good cooperation from road commuters and support from other sectors which is highly appreciated.
  2. As part of the road safety week camp in Samtse district, Hon’ble Minister D.N Dhungyal, Ministry of Information and Communication also signed the road safety PLEDGES.
  3. Similarly, at national level a special event was organized at Ministry of Health for signing the road safety PLEDGES. The event was attended by Hon’ble Health Minister, Chief of Police, Director General – RSTA, Director-DoPH-MoH, Officiating WHO Representative and other senior officials from RSTA, Traffic Police-RBP and Ministry of Health. Hon’ble Health Minister including Chief of Police and all other officials present during the event signed the PLEDGES. A range of road safety issues and challenges were also discussed.

Hon’ble Lyonpo extended his deep appreciation to Traffic Police for putting in their efforts in road safety enforcement, particularly the routine road side checks on Friday and Saturday. Such checks are helpful for drivers to refrain from drinking and driving at least on those days. Hon’ble Lyonpo also extended to continue to support Traffic Police and RSTA in terms of preventing road traffic injuries and also in providing post-crash response and health care. Support in terms of providing equipment such as breath analyzer and speed gun, and capacity building of traffic police (in-country) and road safety officials was also sought from WHO.