Mon. Jul 22nd, 2019

Vacancy Announcement

The Ministry of Health is pleased to announce the vacancies for the post of chief Program Officer and Security Guard for Department of Traditional Medicine Services as detailed below:

Sl Position title Position level Division Minimum qualification Vacancy Type No. of Slots
1 Chief Program Officer P1 A Division of Traditional Health Care, DTMS Bachelor Degree  

In-service open competition

2 Chief Program Officer P1 A Division of Local Healing and Spiritual Health, DTMS Bachelor Degree 1
3 Security Guard ESP NTMH, DTMS Not required New 1


In-service civil servants, fulfilling the eligibility criteria as per the section 13.7.4 of BCSR 2018 for the post of Chief Program Officer and interested Bhutanese Nationals aged between 18-45 years for the post of Security Guard may submit application on or before 7 March 2019 along with following documents:

  1. Civil Service Employment Application Form (for security Guard only);
  2. Copy of citizenship identity card.
  3. Copies of training Certificates, if any (for the post of CPO only);
  4. Medical Fitness Certificate (for the post of Security Guard only);
  5. Copy of valid Security Clearance Certificate;
  6. Copy of valid Audit Clearance certificate (for the post of CPO only);
  7. Individual Curriculum Vitae (for the post of CPO only); and
  8. Assessed Individual work plan and moderation rating for last two years- 2016-2017 and 2017-2018(for the post of CPO only).

The Selected candidates for the post of CPO shall produce No Objection Certificate endorsed by the HRC of the agency within two weeks after the declaration of the result.


Human Resource Division