Wed. Nov 13th, 2019

Vacancy Announcement

The Ministry of Health is pleased to announce vacancies for the post of Therapy Aide for appointment from January 2020 under single window recruitment as detailed below:

Sl# Position Title Entry PL Minimum Qualification No. of slots
1 Therapy Aide S5A Class XII 6

The interested candidates with required qualification may submit application to the Human resource Division, Ministry of Health on or before 17 September 2019 along with the following documents in the same sequence:

  1. Duly filled Civil Service Employment Application form(Click here);
  2. Copy of Class XII Certificate and Academic Transcript;
  3. Copy of Class X Certificate and Academic Transcript;
  4. Copy of Citizenship Identity Card;
  5. Copy of valid Security Clearance Certificate;
  6. Copy of valid Medical Fitness Certificate; and
  7. No Objection Certificate endorsed by the HRC of parent/working agency, if employed.

Shortlisting and selection criteria and other information on selection process shall be announced on health website later.