Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020

Wheelchair Service Training: In the Ministry of Health’s Effort to Improving the Lives of Persons with Disabilities.

Wheelchair Service Training: In the Ministry of Health’s Effort to Improving the Lives of Persons with Disabilities, 3-11th May 2016 at Taj Tashi Hotel, Thimphu Access to appropriate wheelchair and proper services are very important for a person who uses wheelchair.

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Gradually, wheelchair becomes part of the person’s body as it improves personal mobility, thus gaining independence and enhancing quality of life by having access to health, education, work and employment. The Ministry of Health had organized two week long Wheelchair Service Training programme at Taj Tashi Hotel from 3-11th May 2016, with an aim to empower the wheelchair users in order for them to realize their dreams to participate and contribute to country’s socio-economic developmental processes.

The 5 day Basic Wheelchair Service Training for service providers and wheelchair users was conducted from 3-7th May 2016 at Taj Tashi Hotel. There were 16 Physiotherapists and Physiotherapy technicians and 14 wheelchair users who participated in the Training. The training ended with a closing ceremony on 7th May, which was graced by the Honorable Health Minister, Lyonpo Tandin Wangchuk as the Chief Guest. The main objective of the basic training was to improve knowledge and skills of service providers and wheelchair users on the use, maintenance and how to follow up.

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The two day Wheelchair Service Training for the managers was conducted from 9-10th May. The Director of Public Health, Chief of Non-communicable diseases, procurement officers of hospital and medical supply department, program officers, and heads of physiotherapy units of few hospitals participated in the training. The objective of the Managers’ training was to provide practical knowledge on how to make facilities more accessible and how to procure necessary items for service delivery.

The one day Stakeholders Meeting was held on 11th May 2016 to promote effective planning and policy making and implementation of wheelchair related services. The honorable members of parliament from both national council and national assembly, representative from Her Majesty the Queen’s Project, Chairperson of the Ability Bhutan Society, parents of children with disabilities and wheelchair users, representatives from DHI, DHI-INFRA, NGOs, Education Ministry, JDWNRH, Ministry of Works and Human Settlements and Ministry of Health attended the meeting. The meeting came up with the recommendations for making an inclusive society for the persons with disabilities in the country.


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As part of the programme, 30 wheelchairs are provided to Physiotherapy Department, JDW National Referral Hospital, out of which, 14 wheelchairs have been provided to wheelchair users by the Honorable Health Minister Lyopo Tandin Wangchuk during the closing ceremony at Taj Tashi Hotel, Thimphu. Providing appropriate wheelchair service training and facilitating access to mobility aids are important requirements mentioned in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The training programme was supported by US-AID, Health Volunteers Overseas, Leadership, Management and Governance Project of the Management Sciences for Health based in Virginia, USA in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.