Mon. Dec 17th, 2018

Workshop on Haemovigilance

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Haemovigilance is a continuous process of data collection and analysis of transfusion‐relatedadverse events and reactions (AR/AE) in order to investigate their causes and outcomes, andprevent their occurrence or recurrence. A haemovigilance system is an integral part of qualitymanagement in a blood system and is required for the continual improvement of the quality andsafety of blood products and the transfusion process.

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Blood Safety and Diagnostic Program, Department of Medical Services, Ministry of Health conducted a CME workshop from 8th-11th November 2016 on establishment of the first National Haemovigilance System in Bhutan at Chuniding Resort which was resourced by our four expertise, Dr. Surinder Singh, Dr. Shakti Gupta, Dr. RavneetKaur and Dr. AkankshaBisht from National Institute of Biologicals, Noida, India. By establishing the hemovigilance system in our country, we hope to strengthen and enhance the quality and patient safety during the blood transfusion in all the hospitals. This four‐day CME on Haemovigilance involved participants from BTAC, blood centers, nursing personnel, DRA, RCDC with the plans tostart haemovigilance system in the country.And the program is grateful to our Department of Medical Services and WHO country office for making this workshop possible.