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[VID]Ch- indrawing example-Short.wmv2018-03-08 18:31 299K
[VID]Count breaths per minute.wmv2018-03-08 18:31 935K
[VID]Ex-Ch indrawing Anna-4-no.wmv2018-03-08 18:31 219K
[VID]Ex-Ch indrawing Ho-3-yes.wmv2018-03-08 18:31 470K
[VID]Ex-Ch indrawing Jenna-2-yes.wmv2018-03-08 18:31 338K
[VID]Ex-Ch indrawing Mary-1-no.wmv2018-03-08 18:31 383K
[VID]Ex-Stridor-Child-1 yes.wmv2018-03-08 18:31 286K
[VID]Ex-Stridor-Child-2-no.wmv2018-03-08 18:31 300K
[VID]Ex-Stridor-Child 3-yes.wmv2018-03-08 18:31 1.0M
[VID]Ex-Stridor-Child 4-no.wmv2018-03-08 18:31 473K
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